Changing Facets Of Sexual Offences – An Indian Outlook

Man has learned and is able to control may of nature’s forces, but so long as he is unable to control the forces within himself, there can be no question of real civilization. Human culture has not carried things beyond putting a finer polish on its animal impulses i.e. physically reacting to external stimuli, without […]

Why Do We Need to Legalize Prescription drugs

When I was learning Law at College to quite a few years back… the Professor of Felony Legislation, Mr. Díez Ripolles gave a lecture on the legalization of medication. We are talking about the late 80’s. Time goes by but the controversy above this challenge is much more alive than at any time, particularly when […]

The Gaian Paradigm Part 2

Portion 2The Implication of the Gaian Paradigmto Social Institutions The new Paradigm is a scientific hypothesis which explains many phenomena in cosmic evolution. But it is extra than that. It propose a new worldview or way of thinking by which people can look at recent phenomena with regard to their very long assortment upcoming. Futurists […]

How to Turn into a SAN

”SAN” stands for Senior Advocate of Nigeria. It’s a rank specified to a Nigerian lawyer as a mark of professional difference in the exercise of law. It is really the peak that any training law firm can attain in Nigeria. The award of SANship commenced in 1975. But ahead of then, Nigeria experienced adopted the […]