Tradition Versus Change in T M Aluko’s Novels

A popular preoccupation in the earlier literature from Africa was the impact of western civilization on the African tradition. The earlier African writers like Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wathiongo, Elechi Amadi portrayed the negative or positive impact this new incursion had on the society. But generally they yearn for the bliss and peace of the lost […]

Common Stories in Sierra Leone: What Job for Librarians?

INTRODUCTION Stories are as old as language, as outdated as the earliest societies. A couple of the earliest stories even survive: individuals informed in pictorial variety on partitions of cave in Lascaux, in France or in the Mpongweni Mountains in Lesotho. And many others have appear down to us in the world’s myths and folklore […]

Effective Counseling Capabilities – The Simple Wording of Therapeutic Statements and Processes

Characteristics OF THE COUNSELOR: Genuineness, Empathy, Heat, Unconditional Constructive Regard Genuineness, empathy, heat, and unconditional good regard are the core counselor traits. Some persons have these qualities for the reason that of their philosophy and temperament. Other folks can establish them by recognition and practice. genuineness By genuineness I am referring to sincerity, and this […]

Doctrine of Accord and Satisfaction

Doctrine of Accord and Satisfaction Accord and satisfaction is the purchase of the release from an obligation, whether arising under contract or tort by means of any valuable consideration not being the actual performance of the obligation itself. The accord is the agreement by which the obligation is discharged. The satisfaction is the consideration which […]

What is Acquired Money Tax Credit history?

Attained Cash flow Tax Credit or EITC also identified as as EIC is an vital reward for operating people today who have minimal to average income. The EIC is a refundable credit score, enacted as a get the job done incentive in the Tax Reduction Act of 1975. It provides a money boost to working […]

The Heartbreak of Elder Abuse Continues

I will continue on to be surprised at the ludicrous actions of all those in demand of protecting our citizens. This is the 3rd installment of the blatant elder abuse situation that my friend’s mother, Dorothy, is a victim of. In this case, which is one particular of hundreds, if not hundreds throughout the nation, […]

Write-up-Nup – The Following Relationship Settlement

Submit-nup agreements, in some cases referred to as “postnuptial agreements”, “postmarital agreements” or simply “marital agreements,” are contracts designed in between couples soon after the wedding ceremony date. Although much less common and not as perfectly-recognised as prenuptial agreements, which are signed before the wedding ceremony, they are gaining in level of popularity. Even though […]

Child Custody – Suggestions For Creating Your Situation

Couples at times neglect possibilities to amicably take care of disputes when concerned in the emotion and strain of separation and divorce. This is particularly correct in matters of parenting and boy or girl custody. If the two functions are keen to do the job collectively and avoid the courtroom, mediation can be a additional […]

7 Sensible Strategies on Co-Parenting Your Baby With Your Ex

Even however your romantic connection with your ex has ended, the simple fact is that your romantic relationship as co-mom and dad of your youngsters will stay. Therefore, now is the time to perform jointly to create an successful co-parenting approach that performs for both equally of you and is special to your children’s best […]

Ladies and Reproductive Rights

Providing start to a youngster is a single of the nature’s great ones. Now who would have assumed that one day human beings could be in a position to commercialize it as well? Classic Surrogacy (the straight method) is a term wherein a female agrees to have a youngster in her womb. This kind of […]