Incredible LifeFlow Meditation 2. Overview & Download

Michael Mackenzie formulated the LifeFlow mediation program. On his web site he states that ‘within 8 minutes‘ you will start to really feel the satisfaction of happy endorphins and anti-getting old hormones flowing through your intellect and system.

Bold statement… proper?

From my personal working experience, this statement life up to its claim. Inside of 15mins I working experience a calmer brain condition with pleasurable inner thoughts by my overall body.

LifeFlow mediation 2. is a excellent brainwave entrainment plan. It will get you as a result of successively ‘lower’ audio tracks to acquire and mature your head. This will foster ‘whole mind thinking’ or ‘whole brain synchronization’. Whole mind contemplating is when the two hemispheres of our brain, remaining and correct, do the job in harmony with every other. This generates unequalled concentration with a powerful perception of peace & achievement.

LifeFlow Meditation system attracted me due to the fact of the lower price tag, as opposed with other brainwave entrainment applications..Meditation has been scientifically demonstrated to support you to decreased anxiety and nervousness. It also will help to increase psychological clarity..

There are a selection of explanations I decide on to use LifeFlow meditation. I use LifeFlow mediation to set me to snooze if I cannot wind down in bed.. I use it to unwind and unwind just after a tense day at operate and I only have to have to hear to the track for 20mins to make the wanted outcome. The whole 40min duration of the observe is great when I want to go into a deep meditation/reflection condition.

Whilst you can carry on on with the relaxation of the system, my suggestions is to seize the first observe and see how you go.


Lifeflow is made up of 10 Concentrations, divided into ten 40min audio tracks (mp3s). The tracks can be performed on any mp3 player. Just down load it and get started participating in!!

Bonus tracks:

1) Creative Stream – $67 benefit – This track claims to “guideline you into an pleasing and inspiring theta brainwave state associated with increased creative imagination”. To complete responsibilities, that require additional creativity, I only hear to this keep track of.

2) Ideal Learning – $67 worth – This keep track of statements “You will maximize retention and master with considerably significantly less mental effort and hard work”. I individually enrich my mental clarity while listening to this keep track of.


The LifeFlow Mediation plan continues to get the job done pretty nicely for me. I usually pay attention to a observe when I really feel stressed out or anxious. I will either be up and about, or basically lying down. It has a profound have an impact on on my consciousness. The rate of LifeFlow mediation is nothing when compared to the advantages. You can obtain mp3s promptly. I endorse LifeFlow 9/10!

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