Washington Custody and Visitation Schedule – Rules and Guidelines

Washington state has produced laws and procedures that govern child custody matters to ensure that the children of divorced or separated parents still receive the same standard of care as when the parents were together. These laws are found in the Washington State Revised Code in Title 26. Within these statutes the information concerning the […]

Doggone Divorce Court

Puppy fans will not be amazed to understand that custody of the spouse and children dog is routinely a bone of contention in separation or divorce. Nevertheless, they could be shocked to study that Fido is deemed own property less than condition law, the same as a piano or a favourite piece of jewellery. Numerous […]

Domestic Violence and Child Custody – Legal Psychiatric Ploys of Divorce Lawyers

When divorce and domestic violence are before the court, the children can often serve as the vehicle for the perpetrator to save face and maintain control over the family. Sound familiar? If you are in family court with an abusive partner, or abusive ex-partner, and there are children involved, you will want to know what […]

Guide to Calculating Child Support in Rhode Island (RI) Is There A Minimum Amount?

How is Rhode Island (RI) Child Support determined in divorce cases, paternity cases, child support cases and child visitation cases? In most cases, support is determined by the “Rhode Island Family Court Child Support Formula and Guidelines”. In the vast majority of cases in Rhode Island, the minimum Rhode Island support guideline amount is used […]

Youngster Custody and Visitation Varieties

Youngster custody is not as simple as the media will make it show up, and custody disputes do not basically end result in awarding the mom custody of the child. In scenarios wherever the mother and father are divorced, single, or reside considerably from a single an additional, the difficulty gets to be complicated. This […]